Metadata Models and Modeling Methods

Bradley Hall C/D

Tuesday July 10, 2012

1:30-3:00 PM

Led by Joanne Evans and Mirna Willer

A diverse range of models and modeling methods has underpinned much metadata research and development in archival science and other information disciplines. Skills in interpreting models, as well as applying a variety of formal/informal modeling techniques to refine and/or create new ones are highly prized in information management researchers, educators and professionals. This workshop will examine the role of models and modeling techniques in research, education and professional activities. Through break out groups, participants will explore their application in selected scenarios with the aim of establishing an agenda for future information sharing, action and collaboration in this area.

Download: AERI 2012 Modeling Workshop Exercise

For those wishing to do background reading prior to workshop, we suggest:-

a) McKemmish, S., Acland, G., Ward, N., & Reed, B. (1999). Describing Records in Context in the Continuum: the Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema. Archivaria, 48(Fall 1999), 3-37.

b) IFLA FRBR Review Group (2011). Functional Requirements: the FRBR Family of Models.


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