Strategies for Designing Undergraduate Archival Courses

South Bay Room

Thursday July 12, 2012

10:45-12:15 PM

Led by Lorraine Dong, Virginia Luehrsen, April Norris, Kathryn Pierce, Erik Nordberg

Does archival training and research begin in graduate school or can we as educators encourage undergraduates to understand and use archives? How can archival educators improve outreach efforts and promote the archival profession as a viable and fulfilling career option to undergraduates? Recent efforts within the AERI community, such as the Emerging Archival Scholars Program, demonstrate a strong interest in extending the reach of archival education to recruit undergraduate

Yet there is scant literature on the design and teaching of undergraduate credit coursework relating to archival administration. This workshop will address the development of undergraduate courses that incorporate archival education, fostering understanding and use of archives and archival materials. The session will include consideration of potential curricular components, including readings/textbooks, lecture content, hands-on projects, and the potential for guest lecturers and field experiences.

The expected outcomes of the workshop include:
-Identify and articulate objectives appropriate for undergraduate course syllabi.
-Develop a working bibliography for introducing students to archival theories, concepts, and principles.
-Create a pool of example exercises that support and satisfy identified objectives.
-Develop lesson plans that engage undergraduate students.

The 90-minute workshop will involve a strategic session discussing how best to incorporate archival education and training into an undergraduate classroom as well as examples of the successes and failures the workshop presenters have faced in their own teaching experiences.

In addition to some nuts-and-bolts teaching tools, the workshop will also address pedagogical issues concerning the impact of undergraduate archival coursework (including museums and manuscript collections) on students pursuing careers outside archives and records management disciplines, the potential for these undergraduate courses to attract additional students to graduate study, and the opportunity for this curricula to advance diversity initiatives across the discipline.

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2 responses to “Strategies for Designing Undergraduate Archival Courses

  1. Lynn Daw

    I was unable to attend the workshop but appreciate the information accessed via the wordpress page. I am developing an archive management course at my college and would be happy to exchange ideas.

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