Teaching Digital Archives Online

IS 121

Thursday July 12, 2012

1:30-3:00 PM

Led by Erik Borglund and Richard Pearce-Moses

Borglund and Pearce-Moses will share observations on and asked questions about pedagogical and practical aspects of teaching graduate, digital archives courses online based on their experience. Participants will be encouraged to share their perspectives – as instructors and students in online education – and to consider ways to use these approaches to extend AERI’s work between meetings. Topics will include
– Potential benefits and limitations of online education for archival education
– Synchronous and asynchronous lectures, including relative benefits and limitations of both approaches
– Promoting discussion among students, similar to seminars
– Engaging students individually (such as online office hours, email, or voice)
– Technologies to support online learning, including web conferences and learning management systems
– Effective assignments and labs
– Expectations for student’s minimum technical competency and working with students with little or no technical skills
– Technical support and troubleshooting with online delivery channels


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