Several options are available for getting from LAX to UCLA. Both conference and dormitory spaces for AERI are located at De Neve Plaza in Sunset Village, in the Northwest corner of the UCLA campus. The address of De Neve Plaza, where attendees will check in is 351 Charles Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90024.

“Conference Location DeNeve Plaza” is where sleeping and most meeting rooms will be held. Visit the Accommodations page for more information on location.

Shuttle Service


Approximate cost:  $15.00 one way for shared van service.

Approximate duration: 70 minutes.

Door-to-door service.


Approximate cost: $16.00 one way for shared van service

Approximate duration: unknown

Door-to-door service.

NOTE: The regular fare for Super Shuttle us $24.00 one way. You can obtain the discounted fare of $16.00 one way if you state that you are going to De Neve Plaza at UCLA.

Bus and Mass Transit


Approximate cost: $10.00 one way (credit card only)

Approximate duration: 25-45 minutes

Schedule (Website)

Note: The FlyAway travels a fixed route between LAX and UCLA’s parking lot 32 in Westwood. Once you arrive in Westwood, you will need to arrange for additional transportation to the conference venue. The UCLA shuttle between Westwood and campus does not run on weekends. If you choose to call a taxi, indicate that you will need a pick-up at UCLA Parking Structure 32 on Kinross Avenue, two blocks north of Wilshire Blvd., just west of Gayley Ave. A list of authorized taxi companies in Los Angeles is available here.

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus line 2 can be ridden from Wilshire Boulevard to the Ackerman Union terminal at UCLA for $0.75 one way. Wilshire is approximately 2 blocks south of parking lot 32. Once at the Ackerman Union terminal, you will need to walk west across campus to Sunset Village. See the map below for walking directions.

MTA (Website)

This is L.A.’s Metropolitan Transit Authority website. You can use it to plan trips throughout the city online. Transfers, fares, and stop locations are indicated.

To get from DeNeve Plaza to Westwood, walk down Charles E Young Dr. W to Gayley.  Take the 2/302 Bus (Downtown LA.) and get off at Westwood and Le Conte.


A number of taxis are available at LAX. The airport is approximately 12 miles from campus.

The city maintains a list of authorized taxi cab companies here. The rates for these taxis are governed by city ordinance and are listed here.

Parking on Campus

If you rent a car and park on campus, be advised that parking is $10 per day. You will need to purchase a new permit each day. For more information on parking, please contact Ellen-Rae Cachola at aeri (at)  Also, visit UCLA’s Transportation Services page.

A map indicating the nearest parking structure and information booth is available here.


Scholarship recipients are eligible for travel support. Visit the Reimbursements page for more info.


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