Scholarship recipients have up to $500 in travel support. Please keep all receipts.  Upon arriving to AERI 2012, attendees will receive a packet that will include the Travel Reimbursement Form that will need to be attached to itemized receipts and sent to addressee on form. If you are eligible for travel reimbursements, please follow these directions:

  • Travel reimbursement is due within 21 days after the completion of the trip, and a Travel Reimbursement Request Form must be completed.
  • Original itemized receipts [list of what was purchased] must be submitted for all expenses claimed.
  • Itemized receipts must show form of payment [cash, check, ATM debit or credit card]. If item was paid by Bank or Credit Card, your name and bank or credit card digits should appear on the receipt, otherwise please provide a bank or credit card statement. If the item was paid by check, the front and back of the cancelled check is required.
  • All travel reimbursements require a justification detailing the reason for the trip and must include the name of the conference or meeting, as well as the dates and location.
  • ONLY THE TRAVELER will be reimbursed.  You cannot pay for another traveler’s expenses.
  • Car rentals – “Economy only” is allowed, and the original receipt must be itemized. Purchase of GPS locator service (or similar), and vehicle upgrades are not reimbursable. LDW [Loss Damage Waiver] and [LIS] Supplemental Liability Insurance are not reimbursable. Travelers are encouraged to refuel before returning the car, due to agencies mark up of the fuel per gallon.
  • When using a private car and asking for mileage reimbursement (currently 55.5 cents per mile to cover gasoline and maintenance).

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