Integrating Pluralistic Approaches into Archival Curriculum

Bradley Hall A/B

Friday July 13, 2012

10:45-12:15 PM

Led by Kimberly AndersonMichelle Caswell Anne Gilliland, and Andrew Lau.

This workshop follows up on approaches developed since 2009 by AERI participants and described in “Educating for the Archival Multiverse,” American Archivist 74 (Spring/Summer 2011).  The workshop leaders will briefly introduce examples of how they have integrated pluralistic approaches into specific courses.  Workshop participants will then brainstorm approaches they have used, or might use with their own courses.

Kimberly Anderson will share her experience of transforming a class on archival outreach at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The fully online course, “Archival Outreach: Programs and Services” was re-worked into conceptual modules that formed the underpinning for the class. These concepts were reinforced throughout the semester and students were asked to use them as a framing throughout the discussion and applied activities. The resultant class was a dramatic departure from the both the previous iterations of the course and the way in which other courses in the archives program are taught, which have previously focused heavily on practices. Dr. Anderson will report on the process of teaching via concepts and share student feedback about course design.

Michelle Caswell will reflect on her experiences implementing a social justice approach in an introductory archival science course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the lens of three classroom exercises that addressed issues of power, archival pluralism, and human rights. She will also address potentials for collaborating with students on curriculum design.

Anne Gilliland and Andrew Lau will report on their instructional experiences with two courses at UCLA: an MLIS core course: Ethics, Diversity and Change, where students are embedded in grassroots organizations as required service learning; and Community-based Archiving, a course that has been offered since 2008 that takes a community-centric and partnership approach to community archives development.

Participants should come prepared to re-work a syllabus that they are already teaching, or to discuss how they might approach a new course that they plan or would like to teach in the future.

Required readings in advance of the workshop:

Lau, Andrew, Anne Gilliland, and Anderson, Kim. “Naturalizing Community Engagement in Information Studies: Pedagogical Approaches and Persisting Partnerships,” Information, Communication & Society, DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2011.630404.

Gilliland, Anne. “Neutrality, Social Justice and the Obligations of Archival Educators and Education in the Twenty-first Century,” Archival Science 11 nos. 3-4 (2011).

Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) Pluralizing the Archival Curriculum Group (PACG) (A. Gilliland, corresponding author), “Educating for the Archival Multiverse,” American Archivist (Spring/Summer 2011): 68-102.


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